Used Car Inspections Nashville

When buying a new car on Craigslist, a dealership, or local car lot there are often no guarantees that it will run well over time and be unlikely to have issues. Buying a lemon can be avoided with a pre purchase vehicle inspection. It makes sense to have the car inspected by a credible experienced mechanic.  Kwik Kar performs check-ups on luxury vehicles, work vans and trucks, older cars and more recent used cars. 

pre purchase inspection Nashville

How Used Car Inspection Process Works

You may be wondering how you are going to get the mechanic to look at your potential purchase. Individual sellers are generally willing to let you take the car or truck to be in to be reviewed by a mechanic before signing over the title. A used car inspection does not require much time as long as you have an appointment. This service is provided at no cost to our car care customers. So, make an appointment with Kwik Kar and we will perform the review onsite. Give us an hour to perform the service. It may require less time.

Experian Car Report: Autocheck

In addition to the work the mechanic performs, Kwik Kar Lube and Tune recommends you order an Experian vehicle history report that shows prior owners and length of ownership, repair records, and accident reports. It is more detailed than a Carfax report. This report is available for cars born after 1981. Please bring the report with you to your appointment so your service technician can review for additional insight on possible problem areas.

After the Inspection

Following the mechanic’s assessment, you will receive our recommendation as to what repairs to consider for the car and whether any parts or performance is concerning. You can then make an educated decision whether to buy and the price you will offer. 

What’s Included in the Inspection

Your Kwik Kar mechanic will perform the following inspections:

  • Run vehicle diagnostic computer report to determine if there are current issues or error codes reported. *Computer diagnostics are sometimes unavailable for older or classic cars
  • Brakes and rotors
  • Check for damage resulting from wrecks or flooding
  • Shocks and struts
  • Fluid evaluation of level and quality
  • Alignment and tire evaluation
  • Road performance – driving test

Other Considerations When Buying a Used Car

At Kwik Kar, we perform a lot of inspections prior to used car purchases. Choosing the right car is a big decision for both families and individuals.

Below are some other things to consider before buying the car:

  1. Gas mileage – Look at your current average monthly miles on the car you are using now. Calculate the gas expense monthly for your new vehicle?
  2. Repair costs – Are parts for the car hard to find or high in cost? For instance, Jaguar parts are much more expensive than Toyota Corolla
  3. Check repair ratings for the year, make, and model of the car – Is the car likely to give you trouble based on what other consumers have experienced? It still makes sense to check Consumer Reports or another reputable rating company

While no mechanic can guarantee that a used vehicle will run perfectly or not have issues after purchase, Kwik Kar of Tennessee will be sure to look over the car for obvious red flags. 

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