Regular Car & Truck Service Pays Off

Busy seems to be the word of the day and no one is immune. But it’s important to not be too busy to care for the things that really matter. Of course friends and family top the list but that magnificent vehicle that carries you to see them is really important too!

Car and truck maintenance done regularly will insure that you continue to enjoy those summer car trips. Oil changes, tune-ups,brake work, tire rotations, transmission service, belts and hoses replacements, and the like extend the life of your car, reduce the likelihood of breaking down, improve your gas mileage and save money.

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How much Money Can you Save by Performing Recommended Car Maintenance?

Regular car and truck maintenance can save you 23 gallons of gasoline per year on average, according to Also, replacing a clogged air filer improves gas mileage up to 10%, up to another 55 gallons of gasoline saved. Proper air pressure and regular rotation can further improve your mileage and neglecting these items can result in costly and dangerous accidents.

Routine Care and Maintenance Recommended

Many people are not quite sure what is involved in properly maintaining their cars, trucks, and suvs. Complete maintenance includes the following items:

  • Oil changes every 3 – 5000 miles, depending on the vehicle
  • Belts / timing belts – should be checked at every oil change
  • Brakes – inspected with every oil change
  • Transmission service including checking the fluid regularly
  • Coolant should also be checked regularly
  • Tires – checked and changed as needed
  • Hoses – checked and replaced as needed
  • Spark plugs and wires – inspected and replaced as needed
  • Distributor cap and rotor – inspected and replaced as needed
  • Air filter – changed regularly
  • Read your owner’s manual and perform recommended service.

* Certain services should be performed when your vehicle hits certain mileage milestones. Often these occur at 5,000, 12,000 36,000, 50,000 and 100,000 miles.

Inquire about car care service in Nashville

It may seem like a lot so that is why is so important to take your car to experts like the folks at Kwik Kar.
Bottom line, a well maintained car is a happy car that will take care of you for many joyous summer trips to come.

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